Saturday, March 25, 2017

Heading home

We are in Germany, about to board for our flight home! Our flight from Addis was uneventful. We had a long layover so we left the airport via train and went to a little town where we have been before. We had a long walk along the river, visited the farmer's market and had breakfast at the local bakery where we have been before.
It is sunny and early spring here - hopefully will be the same at home!

Friday, March 24, 2017

Ethiopia Farewell!

Our week in Ethiopia is coming to an end.
Our course ended yesterday and was fabulously successful.
Our audiology team saw children at Cure and two schools.
Our ENT team took care of lots of patients in clinic and the OR.
We gave anesthesia support to the Cure OR.
We made new friends and saw many long time friends.
Soon we are heading to the airport; tired but happy!

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Teaching pediatric anesthesia

March 21-22

Tuesday March 21
The ENT team was in the OR at Cure doing 3 OR cases; One of these was a patient who had a tracheostomy (surgical hole in the neck) that was able to have this removed and closed.  Our anesthesia resident also helped care for 4 orthopedic and burn patients and supported the whole OR. 
The audiology team was at the School for the Deaf where they saw about 25 patients, fitted hearing aids, and instructed them in the use of a new audiometer.
The Safe Peds team taught the first day of the 3 day course reviewing the basics of pediatric anesthesia.  There were 22 participants in the course from hospitals all around Ethiopia.  We had lectures, discussion groups and skills practice stations.  We had some wonderful conversations between participants and faculty about many topics related to pediatric anesthesia.  The course continues for two more days.
Most of us had dinner in the hotel and prepared for Wednesday.

Wednesday March 22
The ENT team was in the OR at Cure with 3 cases and there were also burn and orthopedic patients.
The audiology team went to a school where they had previously screened all of the patients for hearing loss.  They brought hearing aids for those students previously identified as needing them.
Our pediatric anesthesia course continued with topics like ENT, eye, and cleft palate surgery; seizures, cardiac disease, and other emergencies.

Half of the group went to a local Cultural center for dinner with traditional meals and dancing.  The rest of us had dinner at the Indian restaurant with some old ENT, Orthopedic and surgery friends!

Monday, March 20, 2017

March 20

Photos Ethiopia March 19-20

Ethiopia March 19-20

Sunday March 19th - Monday Marcy 20th

Our whole team arrived by Sunday.  We are a diverse group from all over the world and have many activities this week.  We have 2 ENT surgeons who will see patients and operate at Cure.  We have 2 audiologists who will evaluate hearing testing and hearing aids for patients at Cure and at the School for the Deaf where we have an on-going relationship.  They are also working towards setting up the first training program in audiology in Ethiopia.  We have an anesthesia resident from Philadelphia who will be working with the Cure anesthesia team in teaching and supervising clinical care.

We are also partnering with Smile Train, the Association of Anesthetists of Great Britain and Ireland (AAGBI) and also the World Federation of Societies of Anaesthesiologists (WFSA) to teach a refresher course in pediatric anesthesia for anesthesia providers in Ethiopia.  This is a three day hands-on course with lectures, discussions and skill sessions.  We have trainers from the US, UK, Kenya and Ethiopia and we are also doing a Training of Trainers course to equip local anesthesia providers to be able to teach the course in the future.

On Sunday we picked up and delivered equipment to Cure, visited a local ENT center, and prepared for our education course for Monday.  At Cure on Monday, the ENT team saw 53 patients in clinic and scheduled 6 for surgery in the next few days; the audiology team did about 20 audiograms and checked and fitted 5 hearing aids, and the anesthesia team took care of about 15 orthopedic and burn patients.  We had dinner at the Italian restaurant tonight.

It is warm and sunny here with an occasional rain shower, unlike at home where we had ice and snow just a few days before leaving.

It is wonderful to see old friends from Cure and from other visits and from around the world and to make new friends!